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About Kelly

Over 10 years ago, I created Demaray Events. What began as something that I enjoyed doing, quickly turned into a full-blown career. With my background in theatre production, the design and planning of weddings came as second nature.

I was fortunate to begin working at amazing venues early on, where I established career long relationships.  With the venues came working with amazing, talented vendors.  Being in this business for over a decade, I have cultivated strong, trusting relationships with both venues and vendors.  Which in turn, is passed onto my clients.  I take pride in seeing my clients hire the best in the business, connecting them and seeing the wedding become what they imagined it to be. 

Bringing a client’s vision to life, seeing them fully engage and enjoy the day they worked so hard for, makes this job incredibly fulfilling.  The idea of working side-by-side with couples to create their ideal wedding is something I thrive on. My relaxed, positive style frees your mind and allows you to focus on the joy you should be feeling as you journey to your special day.