Full Package

The whole kit and caboodle.  From finding the venue, referring and booking all vendors, creating and executing your vision, making it come to life. By your side, every single step of the way!  This is the ideal package for my clients that work full time, are going to school, and just flat out don’t have the time it takes or the resources to plan their entire wedding.  Help is here!

Midsize Package

From Small-Mid to Full-Mid size packages; we can assist as much (or as little) as you need throughout the planning process. We offer several packages that vary in size, assistance and guidance. Inquire about these packages to see what works for you.  These packages are perfect for my clients that like to be hands on and collaborate!

Month-Of Package

This package allows us to jump in and pull all the loose ends together: do a thorough walk through at the venue with the couple, put together a full timeline of the day/evening that will be distributed to all vendors and the venue, handle all remaining logistics and details and of course, full execution on the day of!